E-mail: ozge [at] northwestern.edu / samanciozge [at] yahoo.com


Northwestern University, Associate Professor
Radio TV and Film Department, August 2011 - present

American Academy in Berlin
Visual Arts – Holtzbrinck Fellow, Fall 2017


University of California, Berkeley, Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Art Practice Department, 2009 -2011


Georgia Institute of Technology, Ph.D.
Digital Media, School of Literature Communication and Culture, 2005 - 2009

Ohio University, MA
School of Communication Studies, 2003 - 2005

Istanbul Bilgi University, MA
Film and Television Department, 1999 - 2001

Bogazici University, BA
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Department, 1992 - 1999


(upcoming) 2018-2019 Wonderspaces Tour, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, Miami

(upcoming) 2018, December Plexus Projects, NYC Art Gallery, Fall Group Show.

(upcoming) 2018, 8-9 September, BrainMind Summit, Stanford University

(upcoming) 2018, 8 September- 4 November, Wir Verrecken vor Lachen!, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Berlin, Germany

(upcoming) 2019, April, Graphic Worlds in the Making, The FAct Finder, Berlin, Germany

2018, 12-16 August, SIGGRAPH Art Gallery,Vancouver, Canada

2018, July 3 - August 12, FILE (Electronic Language International), SESI Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2018, June 8-24, Currents New Media, El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

2017, 2-6 October, Sustain and Decay, The IEEE VIS 2017 Arts Program, VISAP, Phoenix, Arizona

2016, 28 September – 16 October, Hall Arts Gallery, Istanbul

2016 June, 11-12, CAKE, Chicago Altermative Comics Expo, Chicago

2015 August, 14-19, ISEA, 21st International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Vancouver, Canada

2015, FILE The New e-motion, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2014, 11-14 Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE), Madiera, Portugal

2013 November 12-15 International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS’13), Istanbul, Turkey

2013 November 12-15 Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE), Twente, Netherlands

2013, June 13-23 If a System Fails in a Forest, ISEA, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Sydney, Australia

2013, June 7-9, Athens International Video Arts and New Media Festival, Athens, Greece

2013, May 9-May 18,WRO Media Arts Biennial, Galeria Entropia, Wroclaw, Poland

2012, November 1-January 11, Word 6, The Arcade Gallery, Chicago

2012, 8-11 August, University Film and Video Association Conference, New Media Exhibition, Chicago

2012, February 19-April 15, Crossing Wires: Technology and Play, Evanston Art Center

2011, November15 - present, 2011The Tech Test Zone 2011Hands-On Emerging Technology, Pixel Wall, Tech Museum, San Jose.

2010, November 3-13, 2010 Art Practice Faculty Show, Worth Ryder Art Gallery

2010, June 21- present, Planting Comics, UC Berkeley Botanical Garden
20 location-based comics printed on ceramic tiles installed on metal stands.

2010, June 27 – August 22, International Mail Art Exhibition, Armory Center for Arts, Pasedena

2010, August, Mail Art Exhibition, Gallery KG52, Stockholm

2009, 24 June - 3 July, Ordinary Things II in Sycamore Place Gallery, Atlanta
250 artworks from my online comics-collage journal, Ordinary Things, www.ordinarycomics.com

2009, 2 May Collaborations Atlanta, Blue Tower Art Gallery, Atlanta

2008, 3-17 March, Ordinary Things Exhibition in Art House Coop, Atlanta
248 artworks from my online comics-collage journal, Ordinary Things, www.ordinarycomics.com

2007 6th April, Listening Machines Show at Eyedrum, Atlanta
Collaboration on the construction of Aimee Rydarowki’s installation, Murmur, an interactive kinetic relief sculpture and multi-sensory display.



2015, Dare to Disappoint (Autobiographical Graphic Novel), Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Translated to Dutch, Korean, Italian, Turkish.

2004, Animasyonun Onlenemez Yukselisi (The Irresistible Rise of Animation), Istanbul Bilgi University Publications, Istanbul


2015 Earthquakes in Film: Exploring Visual Strategies, In Film on the Faultline, Edited by Alan Wright, Intellect and The University of Chicago Press


2018, Ozge Samanci, Gabriel Caniglia, You are the Ocean, SIGGRAPH '18 Art Papers in Special Issue of Leonardo, Volume 51, Issue 4, MIT Press.

2018 Ozge Samanci, Adam Snyder, Fiber Optic Ocean, Merging Media for Data Representation, VISAP 16-17 Special Issue, Leonardo Journal, MIT Press.

2015, Fast Forwarding through Turkey's Last Ten Years with Ordinary Things, Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association 2.2 (2015): 307-334.

2014 Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, Sage Journals, Volume 20 Issue 1, February 2014 Embodied Site-Specific Animation

2010 The Journal of International Digital Media and Art Association, volume 7, no:1 From Site-specific Comics to Location-based Comics: Ordinary Things, Planting Comics, and GPS Comics

2006, Fall Issue, International Journal of Comic Art, Lynda Barry's Humor: At the Juncture of Private and Public, Invitation and Dissemination, Childish and Professional

PEER REVIEWED CONFERENCE PAPERS --Published by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Press and IEEE Xplore--

2017, Ozge Samanci, Adam Snyder, Fiber Optic Ocean: Merging Media for Data Representation, IEEE VIS, VISAP 2017, IEEE Xplore

2014, Ozge Samanci, Blacki Li Rudi Migliozzi, Daniel Sabio, Plink Blink: Collaborative Music Production via Blinking Eyes, In Proc. Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE’14), ACM Press.

2014, Ozge Samanci, Impact of Digital Media on Comics. In Proc. SIGGRAPH'14 Studio, ACM Press

2012, Ozge Samanci, Anuj Tewari. Expanding the Comics Canvas: GPS Comics. In Proc. Fun and Games Conference, In Proc. Fun and Games (FnG’13), ACM Press, 27-34.

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2014, JAST, Journal of American Studies in Turkey issue 40- Film review for “In Your Eyes” pp.186-188.

2014, Journal of Film and Video Vol. 66, No. 3 (Fall 2014), pp. 57-59, Book review for “That’s All Folks? Ecocritical Readings of American Animated Features”

2013, JAST, Journal of American Studies in Turkey- "Remembering Gore Vidal", No 35-36, Book Review for "Women and Turkish Cinema: Gender Politics, Cultural Identity and Representation"


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2016, 31 January, Ozge Samanci, The Daily Beast, Being an Immigrant Is Now Even Harder

2015, 16 November, Boing Boing, At Least Turkey's Tragic Politics Gives Material to Comics Artists http://boingboing.net/2015/11/16/at-least-turkeys-tragic-poli.html


2018, Cartoons for Pepper and Salt section, The Wall Street Journal

2017, guest-edited by Françoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker, and writer Nadja Spiegelman, Resist

2016, January Issue, Logo Design and illustrations for Slate Book Review

2016, February 15, Illustration for Guernica Magazine


2017, Ozge Samanci, Adam Snyder, Fiber Optic Ocean: Merging Media for Data Representation, IEEE VIS, VISAP 2017

2014, October, Comparative & Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Field of Turkish Studies Conference, Fast Forwarding through Turkey’s last 10 years with Ordinary Things

2014, April, Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association (PCA/ACA), Impact of Digital Media on Comics

2012, September, Toulousse, France, Fun and Games Conference, Expanding the Comics Canvas: GPS Comics. Ozge Samanci, Anuj Tewari

2012, August, Chicago, University Film and Video Association Conference, On the Air

2011, October, Savannah GA., The International Digital Media and Arts Association’s 9th annual conference, Full Body in Play: Manipulation of Distance

2010, November, Emily Carr University, Vancouver B.C., The International Digital Media and Arts Association’s 8th annual conference, Location-based Comics: GPS Comics, Ordinary Things, and Planting Comics

2010, September, Future and Reality of Gaming, 4th Vienna Games Conference, Embodied Comics: Reinventing Comics and Animation for a Digital Performance

2009, September, 090909 Nor Good Nor Bad Nor Neutral, University of California, Berkeley, Absurdity and Neutrality

2008, November, Adobe MAX 2008/2009 North America, San Francisco. Arts and Sciences, Theory and Practice, Digital Media Education

2007, June, 2nd International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction. Murmur: Kinetic Relief Sculpture, Multi-Sensory Display, Listening Machine. Aimee Rydarowski, Ozge Samanci, and Ali Mazalek (presenter)

2007, June, Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE). Tangible Comics: A Performance Space with Full-body Interaction. Ozge Samanci, Yanfeng Chen, and Ali Mazalek (presenter)

2006, December, The American Humor Studies Association Conference, New Orleans. Tangible Comics: A Narrative Performance Using Computer Vision

2006, November, MAE Center Coordination Meetings. Visualization and Decision Strategies for Seismic Loss Assessment, group project, presented by Gray Gunter

2006, April, National Meeting of Popular Culture and American Culture Associations, Atlanta. Lynda Barry's Humor: At the Juncture of Private and Public, Invitation and Dissemination, Childish and Professional

2005, September, San Francisco State University, Shades of Sexuality in Film; Exploring the 'Aberrant,' the 'Normal,' and the Space Between. A Jolt to Mainstream Cinema from Jane Campion: Detective and Femme Fatale Switching Their Roles in In the Cut

2005, May, The Fourth Annual Student Research and Creative Activity Fair, Ohio University, Athens. The Inevitable Affection among Animation, Graphic Novel, and Film Noir in the Digital Era: A Look at The Hudsucker Proxy from the Frame of the Hula-Hoop

2004, September, Society for Animation Studies Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Blurry Borders between Digital and Analog Media, Live Action and Animation in Spielberg's Minority Report Part 2

2004, August, Cultural Issues in Developing 3D Worlds, Prague, Czech Republic. The Blurry Borders between Digital and Analog Media, Live Action and Animation in Spielberg's Minority Report Part 1


No Title, 2008, Video-Animation, created by Ozge Samanci and Geoffrey Thomas, 10 minute
Sonic Generator Concert, 2008, 3rd April, Screening of the video accompanied with a live flute performance by Jessica Sherwood

Diana'yi Kurtarmak (Saving Diana), 2007, Animation, directed by Gulgun Ozek, 3 minute
If Istanbul Shorts, 2007, 19th February, Screening
18th Ankara International Film Festival, 2007, 12-22 April, Screening

Gobek Bagi (Umbilical Cord), 2004, Fiction-Video, created and directed by Ozge Samanci, 5 minute
Athens International Film and Video Festival, 2005, Screening
If Istanbul Shorts, 2005, Screening

1943, 2004, Performance-Video, directed by Cicek Kahraman, 8 minute 23 second
Performance and camera
If Istanbul Shorts, 2005, Screening
Uyku Sonra (Sleep and Then), 2004, directed by Ovgu Gokce, 8 minute 30 second
Credits Design
Columbia Tristar National Short Film Competition (Turkey), 2005, Screening and Best Experimental Film Award
16th Ankara International Film Festival, 2005, Screening and Best Experimental Film Award

Gozluk (Glasses), 2000, created and directed by Ozge Samanci, 3 minute 18 second
13th Ankara International Film Festival, 2001, Screening
13th Istanbul Short Film Festival, 2001, Screening
IFSAK Short Film Festival, 2001, Screening


2018, August 15, Artist Talk, Siggraph 2018 Art Gallery

2017, November 27, Artist Talk, Universität der Künste Berlin

2017, November 9, Not Here but Everywhere, American Academy in Berlin

2016, December 7, Artist Talk, Izmir Economy University

2016, September 7-17, Dare to Disappoint, Berlin Literature Festival

2016, May 9, Dare to Disappoint, Northwestern University, M.S. in Leadership for Creative Enterprises

2016, March 31, Artist Talk, Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of the Arts

2016, April 27, Dare to Disappoint, DePaul University, Writing the City Class

2016, April 5, DM Alumni Talk, Geordia Institute of Technology, Digital Media Department

2016, April 12, Individual Against A Larger Force, University of Southern California, Cinematic Arts, World Building Media Lab

2016, Jan 25, MENA Monday, Northwestern University, Middle East and North African Studies

2015 January 16, Pushing the Boundaries of Media: Creating New Meaning Making Strategies, Buffet Center, Northwestern University

2014 August 13, Impact of Digital Media on Comics, Studio Talks, SIGGRAPH’14, Vancouver

2012 February 28, Segal Seminar Series, In the Box or Out of the Box, Segal Design Institute, Northwestern University



2010 February 26, Collective Inteligence /Alternate Reality Game Design Workshop, IF New Media Factory, Lexington, KY Workshop organized with Greg Niemeyer


2018, August 14, Sigggraph 2018 Studio, Led as Sensors

2018, July 29, Gray Area of Arts, Creating personal independent internet, Tools for the Next Revolution with Mathais Jud

2018 July 29, Gray Area of Arts, Intro to Biomaterials for Design with Annelie Koller

2017, July 26-28, Gray Area of Arts, Stepping into WebVR with A-Frame

2014 November 10, Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE’14), Love and Sex with Robots.

2014 May 22-23, Computing in the Arts: Music, Art, and Computation, Sponsored by National Science Foundation, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

2013 November 12-15, Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE’13), Touch, Taste and Smell: Multisensory Entertainment.

2013 November 12-15, Advances In Computer Entertainment (ACE’13), XIMPEL, creating an interactive video

2012 September 4, Opportunities and Challenges when Designing and Developing Games with/for Kids, Fun and Games Conference, Toulouse France

2011July 10-15, Writing the Unthinkable, Writing workshop led by Lynda Barry, Rhinebeck New York

2008 April 29-30, Responsive Objects, Surfaces and Spaces (ROSS), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

2007 January 19-21, 3-Day Seminar with Scott McCloud, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA

2001, The 9th Animated Film Workshop Cracow, joint project of Animated Film Department of Academy of Fine Arts, The Cinema Club of the Rotunda Association and Polish Office of the Swiss Cultural Foundation, Pro Helvetia, Poland, Cracow


2017 Juror for NSK Neustadt Prize for Children’s Literature ($25K award for one author)

2016, June 12, Panelist, Printers Row Festival, Chicago

2016 May 7, Speaker and Panelist, Evanston Literary Festival, Evanston Public Library

2016, March 20, Panelist, Go Graphic, Graphic Novels, C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo)

2014, April, Panelist and juror on Dorkly's C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) discussion of fan art


2016, Dare to Disappoint, Middle East Book Award
2016, Dare to Disappoint, 30th Annual New York Book Show.
2015, Clarence Simon Award for Teaching and Mentoring  
2015, Fall, Dare to Disappoint was awarded the designation of “A Junior Library Guild Selection”


2017 Fall, Visual Arts Holtzbrinck Fellow, American Academy in Berlin

2015-2016 The Op-Ed Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellowship Program

2009-2011 Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Berkeley Art Practice Department


Northwestern University, Radio TV Film Department, Evanston, IL
Assistant Professor, 2011 – 2017
Associate Professor, 2017-present
2017, (Graduate course) Alternate Reality Storytelling
2015, (Graduate course) Interactive Documentary
2016-2011, Interactive Arts
2012, Interactive Comics
2016 - 2012, Computer Code as an Expressive Medium
2013, Storyboarding and Layout
2015, Drawing for Media
2013, 2016 Graphic Novels
2014, Theory and Criticism of Digital Interactive Media

University of California, Berkeley, Art Practice, Berkeley, CA
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009 - 2011
2011, (Graduate course) Special Topics in New Media: Interactive Narrative 
2010,(Graduate course) Directed Group Study: Interactive Narrative 
2010, Special Topics in Visual Studies: Comics and Graphic Novels 
2009, Foundations of American Cyber-Culture

Georgia Institute of Technology, Digital Media, Atlanta, GA
Graduate Assistant, 2005 -2009
2005 -2009, Introduction to Film

Sabanci University, Visual Arts and Communication Design, Istanbul
Lecturer, 2006 Summer
2006, Introduction to Film and Media Studies

Ohio University, School of Communication Studies, Athens, OH
Teaching Associate, 2003 - 2005
2003 – 2005, Public Speaking

Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design Dept, Istanbul
Full-time Lecturer, 2001-2003
2001-2003, Visual Perception
2001-2003, Contemporary Media
2001-2003, Introduction to Animation
2001-2003, Senior Project

Istanbul Bilgi University, Visual Communication Design Dept, Istanbul
Teaching Assistant, 1998-2001
1998-2001, Visual Perception (Teaching Assistant)
1998-2001, Art and Culture (Teaching Assistant)
1998-2001, History of Visual Culture (Teaching Assistant)
1998-2001, Image and Word (Teaching Assistant)


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2018, 4 July, Folha de S. Paulo, Em festival de arte eletronica, visitante pode controlar oceano e esticar corpos nus

2018, 5 July, SP1 News, Festival reúne obras de arte que provocam o corpo em SP

2018, 11 August, Veja Sao Paulo, O que fazer no fim de semana sem gastar nada


2016, SIGGRAPH Arts Papers Reviewer
2016, 2015 IEEE VIS 2015 Arts Program (Advances in Scientific and Information Visualization)
2013, CHI 2013 (Conference Human Factors in Computing Systems)
2013 TEI 2013 (Tangible Embedded Interaction)
2013 ISMAR 2013 (International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality)
2011, TEI 2011 Graduate Student Consortium (Tangible Embedded Interaction Conference)

Ozge Samanci
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