GPS Comics: Seeing thru Walls is a GPS based comics story that expands the comic canvas and explores the idea of location-based comics.
2010, June-November, 20 comics about plants printed on ceramic tiles were exhibited at UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden.
GPS Comics: Seeing thru Walls
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Ozge Samanci
Embodied Comics is a computer vision based full-body interactive storytelling environment that also functions as a comics generator.
Ordinary Things is an online journal of my observations in the comics form. I submit one drawing per day since January 24th 2006.
2008, March, Ordinary Things Exhibition in Art House Coop, 248 artworks from my online comics journal, Ordinary Things
Ordinary Things Exhibition
Ordinary Things
A colloborated video-animation piece with Geoffrey Thomas for Eric Moe's Let Me Tell U About R Specials (2005), a flute piece performed in Sonic Generator Concert by Jessica Sherwood
Sonic Generator Concert
Art Practice Faculty Show
UC Berkeley Art Practice Faculty show at Worth Ryder Gallery, November 3-13, 2010
Embodied Comics
Contribution to Murmur: Kinetic Relief Sculpture, Multi-Sensory Display, Listening Machine, Aimee Raydorowski's interactive kinetic sculptural installation
Jiggling Individual
The Jiggling Individual is a modular information widget that enables the users to combine the stress factors affecting them both on private and public levels.
Great Expectations
Great Expectations is an interactive narration project based on frame by frame animations.
Planting Comics
2010, August, participation to Mail Art Exhibition, Gallery KG52, Stockholm
Game Design Workshop
Greg Niemeyer and I organized an Alternate Reality Game Design Workshop for IF New Media Factory
Mail Art Exhibition
On the Air
On the Air is a full-body interactive installation that uses sensor data and animations
Relative Friend is an interactive sculpture built with wall clocks and pendulum clocks.
Sneaky Time is an interactive quartz clock display based on blink detection input. The quartz clock ticks when the participant blinks her eyes.
Sneaky Time
Personal Storm
Personal Storm is an interactive installation that portrays a large picture frame mounted on a large LCD screen. The animated water waves on the screen respond to the distance of a viewer.
Plink Blink
Plink Blink, an interactive art installation, allows three participants to make collaborative music by blinking their eyes
Dare to Disappoint
Dare to Disappoint is my 200 page autobiographical graphic novel, under contract with Macmillan: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. It will be released on 17 November 2015.
The Fugitives
Fugitives, a comics installation exhibited at the Arcade Gallery, Chicago, Nov 1- Jan 11. The installation portrays the journey of the lost socks.

Visual Content for Pixel Video Wall


Pixel created by by graduate students John McDuffie Woodburn and Matt Miller who worked under the direction of Professor Slavko Milkic. Pixel uses eye tracking technology to allow visitors to see what other people are watching.
Relative Friend